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Why Choose Us


Duc Son Machinery and Engineering Service Co., Ltd has more than 15 years specializing in the field of supplying machinery, equipment, materials and spare parts and maintenance and maintenance services for air compressor systems. We have served more than 2800 customers in almost all production areas across the country, and our products and services have been highly appreciated by customers for product quality and delivery schedule. as well as quality of technical services.


Along with the accumulation of experience in the process of customer service, Duc Son’s technical team is always at the forefront in learning and absorbing the latest and advanced technologies in the field of air compressors, dryers, filter. So, we are always ready to give the best advice on configuring the purchase of new air compressors or renovating existing air compressors, as well as other technical advice… Prove optimal solutions to bring the highest efficiency to your production activities.

Provide quality machines and spare parts

As an authorized agent, distributing Atlas Copco products in the Vietnamese market. Atlas Copco’s products have a wide segment, making it easy to choose the optimal solution for customers. At Atlas Copco, innovation is paramount. The research and development engineers here continuously improve the quality of existing products and release new products with innovative technology and control systems. In addition, Atlas Copco offers other products besides compressed air systems such as nitrogen and oxygen generators, gas compressors and vacuum pumps. In addition to the basic requirements, Atlas Copco products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Professional technical service

Static willingness to serve is the top criterion in the operations of our company. Wherever you are, when you ask us, our technical team, who have been well trained and deeply trained by Atlas Copco, are available to serve your needs. For us, your request is an honor and a goal for us to strive to fulfill, so if you have any need; From new installation, to maintenance, repair; from minor problems or major problems, please call us, our technical team will accept the request and resolve as soon as possible with the best solution.


Ducson Machinery & Engineering Services Co,. Ltd established on July 8, 2005, specializes in providing machinery, equipment, materials, spare parts, overhaul and maintenance services for industrial compressor systems. Since 2006 we have become an authorized dealer of Atlas Copco.



Technical Services