Low pressure air compressor – blower

  • Why choose oil-free blower technologies?

Blowers can be used for many processes. Common low-pressure applications include air blowing, fermentation, compressed air transfer, and material heating or cooling. We can see these applications in different segments such as cement, food & beverage, and wastewater treatment.

A correctly calibrated system will help you achieve more energy efficient processes. Every application requiring low pressure compressed air of 0.3 to 1.5 bar (g) / 4 psig to 22 psig can achieve greater energy efficiency by replacing air compressors with blowers. Every 1 bar (g) / 14 psig of air compressed on actual demand is 7% of the wasted energy.

We offer you various technologies such as positive displacement technology (screw blower and lobe blower) and centrifugal technology (high speed turbo blower and multistage blower). All oil-free air blower technology is designed to give you quality air and maximum uptime for your processes, ensuring quality finished products.

  • Blowers are suitable for your production process

Besides finding blower technology that matches the pressure and air flow needs of the manufacturing process, other factors such as initial investment cost or return on investment can also affect finding the right blower technology for their facility. By offering you a complete range of technologies, we can always help you choose the best blower solution where your machine is located.

Up to 80% of the blower’s life cycle costs are for energy consumption. When you are looking at the total cost of owning a blower system, you need to find an energy efficient solution. Our energy efficient solutions such as ZS screw blowers and ZB VSD⁺ turbo blowers ensure low operating costs for you. Both our oil-free screw blowers and turbo blowers are Class 0. You can optimize your compressed air system even further with our central controller.

If you focus on the initial investment costs of blower systems our powerful and simple solutions like ZL lobe blowers and ZM multistage blowers are the perfect fit for your business. These two technologies are also extremely suitable when operating in extreme weather conditions or at high positions.

Oil-free turbo blowers ZB VSD⁺

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Oil-free rotary screw blower ZS (VSD+)

ZS (VSD+) oil-free screw blower, a true energy saver ZS VSD+ screw blowers reduce energy costs up to 30% compared to conventional lobe blowers. They are Class 0-certified, have an easy set-up, low…
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