Oil-free air compressors

  • Highest air quality

We are committed to delivering top-notch air quality for critical applications including food and beverage processing, chemical (oil) processing, electronics manufacturing…

  • Reduce operating costs

Our oil-free air quality avoids expensive filter replacement, reduces oil condensation treatment costs and reduces energy consumption due to filter pressure loss.

  • Compliance with environmental regulations

With our oil-free air technology, you can better protect the environment and comply with international regulations. Minimize leakage and energy consumption. There is no need to treat the condensate before releasing it into the environment.

  • Diversified product line of compressors

Our oil-free air compressors have a wide range of products such as screw and gear compressors, centrifuges, plungers, water immersed and spiral screw compressors. Oil-free solution for all applications.

  • ISO certified technology

First to receive ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) and ISO 22000 certification for our oil-free production line in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • Global maintenance network

Maximize the reliability and continuous performance of the oil-free compressor. We have the largest pneumatic maintenance organization in the world.

LZ premium oil-free compressor

A zero-compromise oil-free air solution, and one of the most complete oil-free piston compressors on the market today. Advanced control and monitoring The LZ comes with the Atlas Copco Mk 5 already…
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Automan oil-free piston compressors

Automan AH oil-free piston compressors (0.75-1.5 kW) Our range of Automan AH piston compressors offers a compact, mobile and reliable source of compressed air when a smaller amount of compressed air…
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LFx compact oil-free piston compressors

The LFx compact oil-free piston industrial compressor range offers small-capacity piston compressors for reliable and oil-free solutions. Ideal for your low air demands. Flexible installation The…
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